A Field Book for your Waldeinsamkeit

Christopher McAfee and Christina Thomas

Waldeinsamkeit: a feeling of being alone in the woods and connected to nature. Field Book: a journal/sketchbook that describes explorations nature and the discoveries made. This workshop will teach how to make field books based on structures from the 19th century. Completed books will have leather spines and a latching system that doubles as a pencil holder. The process incorporates simple leatherworking techniques; if you’ve never used leather for bookbinding, this is a good structure to start with. This workshop is limited to eight attendees, so sign up early!

NEULAND: Nouveau Calligraphic Hand

Judy Sommerfeldt

Neuland is a bold lettering style developed in 1923 by German artist, calligrapher, and type designer Rudolph Koch. Influenced by the art movements of the day, Koch, a 20th century innovator, designed this uppercase printing type from hand drawn forms and then cut them directly into the metal. Koch originally intended this type to be a modern blackletter. The calligraphic Neuland hand that was developed later is dramatic, bold, exotic, and versatile. It has become one of the most popular lettering hands of the last century.

In this workshop, participants will study the characteristics of Neuland and then, working from an exemplar, practice writing out each letter form. The second half of the class will be spent creating a finished art piece using the Neuland hand.

It is not necessary to have calligraphy experience for this class.  The workshop will be aimed towards all levels of experience including no experience.